3 weeks is not a huge sample size, but it’s always fun to see a progress report of where teams and individuals are at the halfway point on the Skeeson.

Still plentskee of time to make a run, but here’s what the storyline would be if things ended today.

Tuesday Division Champskeeions = Return of The SKEET

At first glance, this team name appears to be a play off of the Mark Morrison one hit wonder “Return of the Mack.” In actuality, it is quite literally referring to the return of the team “Skeet, Skeet, Skeet Mfer’s”; The SKEE League’s Skeeson 1 Champions. 

The team of Mike “Beerman” Powers, Adam “Kanak Attack” Kanak and Bob “Robot” Ericksen seem to have re-found their rolling groove, and hope to come full circle to complete their comeback storskee.

skeeT skeeT skeeT

Wednesday Division Champskeeions = Zero Heroes

JMAN already has one championship under his belt, but is 0 for the century on team Zero Heroes. This is most likely due to Alan’s performance anxietskee, as he often fails to get it up during the playoffs. That said, he’s rolling pretty well as of late, and skeemate Abby “Training Day Minegar” both have the skills and experience to contend for the Wednesday title.


Thursday Division Champskeeions = Dorskeetos Locos Tacos

I’ve done a shittskee job of taking photos thus far this skeeson, but you can probably can take a guess as to who is leading this Thursday crew.  First name MC, last name SKEE. Alex and Rachael are no joke either, and I promise to update with their updated picture this Thursday!

1_Kevin McSkee McGhee


TUESDAY: Russell Szumski “Zoomskee” Three’s Companskee 302.00

WEDNESDAY: Katie Lukes “Skee Angel” The Kardaskeens 311.33

THURSDAY: Joe Thielmann “Sterling” Let’s Take A Selfskee 263.33

ALL FOR NOW. Skee ya later!