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Welcome to The SKEE League!

★ Chicago’s FIRST and LARGEST adult skeeball league ★

Rolling since 2011, The SKEE League brings the classic game of skeeball out of the boardwalk and into the bars for some lively adult socialization and healthy competition! That’s right, now you can relive your glory days at Chuck E. Cheese in an adult only setting where responsible drinking is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged!


  • In October 2011, The SKEE League launched it’s first location at Flat Rock Tavern on Lincoln Ave.
    The business abruptly closed 2 weeks into the first season, less than 2 months after opening…
  • The SKEE League moved operations to Glascott’s Saloon, where it continues to host leagues today.
  • In June 2014,  The SKEE League purchased its first skeeball machine and formed a league at Windy City Inn (Irving Park.)
    We completed 4 skeesons in 2 yrs. Windy City Inn closed in 2016 making way for new housing developments.
  • In January 2016, The SKEE League partnered with Begyle Brewing, adding 2 more skeeball machines to its operations.
    The Begyle Brewing location includes the taproom (1) machine, the Brewery, and the upstairs event space (2) machines.
  • In June 2017, The SKEE League partnered with Black Iron Tavern, adding 2 more classic lanes to the mix!
  • In July 2017, The SKEE League reached an agreement to host leagues at Replay: Lincoln Park;
    bringing the total to 4 league locations!
  • As of 2017, The SKEE League has completed 23 skeesons and counting, hosting more than 1,000 league members!

Glasscott’s Skeeson I

Glasscott’s Skeeson II

Glasscott’s Skeeson III

Glasscott’s Skeeson IV

Glasscott’s Skeeson V

Glasscott’s Skeeson VI

Glasscott’s Skeeson VII

Windy City Inn I

Glasscott’s Skeeson IX

Windy City Inn II

Glasscott’s Skeeson X

Windy City Inn III

Glasscott’s Skeeson XI

Glasscott’s Skeeson XII

Begyle Skeeson I

Begyle Skeeson II

Glasscott’s Skeeson XIII

Begyle Skeeson III 

Glasscott’s “SKEE Madness” 

Glasscott’s Skeeson XIV 


Begyle Skeeson IV