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Welcome to The Chicago Skeeball League!

★ Chicago’s First and Largest Adult Skeeball League ★

Launched in October 2011, The SKEE League has exceeded more than 1,000 members, making it one of the largest skeeball leagues in the nation!

We currently operate out of two locations, Glascott’s Saloon in Lincoln Park and Begyle Brewing in North Center, and are working on expanding into a bar near you!

The SKEE League has everything you could ever want in a social sports league. It’s a new twist on a classic game, combined with the perfect trifecta of friends, beer and compskeetition!

ANYONE and EVERYONE (over the age of 21) can roll! The SKEE League is a diverse mixture of guys and gals with no previous skeeball experience required!

If you are interested in joining or receiving more information about the league, please click the join tab on the right and enter your information or email us directly at SKEE@theskeeleague.com!

Glasscott’s Skeeson I

Glasscott’s Skeeson II

Glasscott’s Skeeson III

Glasscott’s Skeeson IV

Glasscott’s Skeeson V

Glasscott’s Skeeson VI

Glasscott’s Skeeson VII

Windy City Inn I

Glasscott’s Skeeson IX

Windy City Inn II

Glasscott’s Skeeson X

Windy City Inn III

Glasscott’s Skeeson XI

Glasscott’s Skeeson XII

Begyle Skeeson I

Begyle Skeeson II

Glasscott’s Skeeson XIII

Begyle Skeeson III (Winter 2017)

Glasscott’s “SKEE Madness” (Winter 2017)

Glasscott’s Skeeson XIV (Spring 2017)

Begyle Skeeson IV (Summer 2017)