Glascott’s Schedule

//Glascott’s Schedule


6:00 PM

Front – Donskee Kong vs. I’m just here for the HUMP
Back – Alternate Factskees vs. Rollin’ Balls

7:00 PM

Front – Johnny Skeeball vs. Kartoeskia
Back – Ruskee Trombone vs. The Moskee Mules

8:00 PM

Front – Holy Guacamolskee vs. The Cubskees
Back – O.M.Skee vs. Kent Salad

9:00 PM

Front – Doug and Skeeter vs. Picture me Rollin’
Back – Incogskeeto vs. Planet Dondanville

10:00 PM

Front – Bill Braskees vs. Emoskees
Back – Not My Preskeedent vs. The Big Lebowskees


6:00 PM

Front – Fizzskee Lifting Drink vs. Skeeyonce Rolls
Back – Roll The Boat vs. Welp,Skee Ya Later

7:00 PM

Front – Below Skeezing vs. That’s What Skee Said
Back – Nuttin’ Butt Hole vs. Backskee’s Back

8:00 PM

Front – Honey Nut Skeerios vs. Thursdays are for the Boys
Back – Can you Skee My Balls? vs. Skeeronimo!

9:00 PM

Front – Ruby Tueskeees vs. Skeeing Your Pants is Cool
Back – SKEE.T.A. vs.

10:00 PM

Front – Skeego and the Carpathians vs. The Prollclaimers
Back – Split Skee Soup vs. Reverse Orskeeo



(Please Note: Our league details may vary by location and/or skeeson.)

Teams: 3 rollers per team. Substitutes are allowed, but stats will only be kept for the 3 original team members.  

Format: Each roller will roll 10 rounds of 9 balls. Best total team score wins. Playoff rankings are based on cumulative regular skeeson team scores.

Skeeson Length: 9 weeks = Optional Meet and Greet + Practice Week, 6 Week Regular Skeeson + 2 Weeks of Playoffs

League Nights: Teams plays on their designated league night – either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Match Times: Match times are scheduled in hourly intervals – 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10pm – and are intentionally varied so no team gets all early or all late matches. (*Schedule needs/preferences are taken into account, however, out of fairness to all teams, there are no guarantees.)

Attendance and Substitutes: Advanced notice for team absences required and appreciated. Subs are allowed, and those not in attendance will have the opportunity to make up rounds for individual stat purposes.


Top 10 teams per division = Championship Bracket Playoffs

Bottom 10 = Boozer’s Bracket Playoffs

Make Up Rounds: Yes. Dates TBD.

Team Statistics: Yes. Cumulative Point Total. 

Individual Statistics: Yes. Individual Average, Hundos and Specialty Scores: 40 band, Combo Band, 50 band!

*NO Super Team Rule*: No NEW team shall have a combined average of over 1050 points. This will be calculated by taking the average of each roller’s past two skeesons. If a roller has not participated in more than 1 skeeson, their most recently completed skeeson average will be used. 

Our league prizes depend on the generosity of our League Sponsors!

This SKEESON we are happy to be partnering with BEGYLE BREWING and MILLER/COORS as our beer sponsors:

We’ve had anywhere from Sports Tickets, to Bags Sets, to High End Electronics…so while I can’t say exactly what’s in store, it’s going to be better than a crummy participation certificate!

Additional League Partners Include:

The Alden Network
Tivoli Partners


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