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• SUBS: One substitute roller is allowed, but 2 of the 3 originally registered team members must be present. Substitutes may not be an active member of the Glascott’s league or former “Team” or “High Roller Tournament” Champion from ANY league location.

• ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY!: Those not in attendance by 15 mins past the scheduled start time will receive the lowest possible round score (9). You are more than welcome to try to grab and someone from the bar to roll if they meet the above sub criteria. Probably best to just show up on time.

• SCOREKEEPING: If available, we will have unbiased scorekeepers who are volunteering to help out. Be nice to them! If you have any questions, ask. We will double check all math prior to the start of the tenth frame to ensure accuracy. Teams can view each others scorecards during the match but please avoid hovering over them.


For additional questions, please contact!

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