Glascott’s Schedule (Winter SkeeGolf Series!)

//Glascott’s Schedule (Winter SkeeGolf Series!)
Glascott’s Schedule (Winter SkeeGolf Series!)2019-01-22T13:14:29+00:00

Glascott's Saloon Skee League Logo GLASCOTT’S • 2158 N. Halsted

WK 1: Feb 7 • Pebble Skeeach
WK 2: Feb 14 • Pine Vallskee
WK 3: Feb 21 • St. Androlls
WK 4: Feb 28 • Hundo Town, USA
WK 5: March 7 • Make Ups & Mulskeegans



WHERE: Thursday Nights @ Glascott’s Saloon (Feb 7th – March 14) • 6 weeks

WHEN: There are only FOUR team slots available for each of the Four “Skee Times”: 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm. Your “Skee Time” remains the same for the entire tournament series, with the only exception being the finals on March 14th (where times are still TBD.) *If for some reason we do not sell out all five time slots, we will consolidate match times to start later, end earlier.

WHO: Anybodskee and everybodskee. No experience necessary!!! Participants will be placed in tiers based on experience level in regards to the pool of participants [ Pro Roller  IntermedskeeiateRookskee ] with leaders from each tier having the opportunity to compete for prizes and rolling glory at the SKEE.G.A FINALS PARTSKEE! 

Maximum of 20 teams (4 people per team) and/or 80 individuals  • Individuals will be placed with other individuals, though, priority placement goes to those with a complete Foursome. *Payments will NOT be processed until placement is officially assigned.*

WHAT: SkeeGolf Tournament Series It’s still skeeball, but instead of rolling for high scores, you are rolling for accuracy. You will have 5 weeks to complete the 4 different SkeeGolf courses. Those who attend all 4 weeks have the opportunity to re-roll one course to improve their standings. Round scores will be cumulative on leaderboard. You will be competing within your own tier of skill level!

COST:  $250 per Foursome /or $75  62.50 per individual . {Includes ALL 6 weeks of skeeball, a Golf-Inspired Skeepsake, and Finals Pizza Partskee w/Trophskees} *Payments WILL NOT be processed until placement is officially assigned.*



Q: How do you play SkeeGolf? What are the rules?
A: Click here ->

Q: I’m still confused. Is this actual Skeeball or that one skeeball putting game I’ve seen toting around?
This is Tourney is 100% skeeball (er.. Beerball to be exact) but don’t worry – we’ll have also have The Puttskee, Giant Connect Four and other fun bar activitskees on hand for your clubhouse enjoyment.

Q: I haven’t played skeeball since I was a kid. Will I hate this format?
A: Most likely not! In fact, you actually have a better chance to win. Newbies (beginners and non-league members) will be placed in the Rookskee Tier competing against other newbies!  Skeeball, like any skill, just takes time, practice and repetition. Everyone sucks when they first start out. The Big Bad McSkee can’t hurt you now!

Q: Does our Team Score count for anything or is this just an Individual Tourney?
Great question! This is primarily an Individual Tourney (as skill levels will vary drastically between teams) but you better believe we will be acknowledging and rewarding the Top Teams/ Foursomes – perhaps even a head to head showdown in the Finals?  (<- Punny/creative name still needed for these Finals, BTW.)

Q: Do the same 4 people need to show up each week?
If they want to be in contention, they do! Does Phil Micskeelson skip the 3rd day of the Masters? I think not.

*There will be an opportunity to roll a make-up/ complete courses on March 7th. If you know in advance you are going miss more than 1 week, this one probably isn’t for you. If you attend ALL four weeks, you have a chance to re-roll ONE entire course (a Mulskeegan) to improve your positioning on the leaderboard. We’ll use your best score of the 2, so there’s no risk in trying. Perfect attendance pays off.

Q: Can we have a sub come in and roll?
Sure!  But we are only keeping stats for the 4 people who originally sign up. See above. There’s a maximum of 8 rollers (4 vs. 4) on each lane, at any given time. If you do have a sub come it, it needs to be on a 1:1 ratio.

Q: What happens if someone is late?
A: Like actual Golf, your SKEE Times are set in stone. You have exactly one hour to complete your scorecard. Some sensible leeway will be granted, an on-premise SKEE Ranger will be patrolling the lanes to ensure gameflow. It’s not fair for any one group to jam up later time slots. That’s why we will have the March 7th Make-Up date available as a safety net.

Q: I want to join, but can’t do Thursdays 🙁 ….
A: Email us! If we get enough demand, I suppose anything could happen!

Q: What are the prizes?
Working on that now, and will update this page in real time. They will be good. They are always good.

Q: When does the next “normal” skeeball season at Glascott’s start?
A: Spring Skeeball (Skeeson XVIII) at Glascott’s is slated to start this April. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday League Nights are available, with existing/returning league members having the first right of refusal.


Email us at SKEE@THESKEELEAGUE.COM to pre-register your team (3 rollers) along with your preferred league night.

Did I miss anything? Glaring mistakes?  Hit me up!

It’s going to be a blast. FORE-sure! 

SKEE.G.A Tour Director


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