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We have multiple league locations running throughout the year, so it’s all about getting on our “SKEEMAIL” list to make sure you are informed of all of the news on upcoming skeeball events/happenings.

You can submit your information via the contact form to the right or add yourself to SKEEMAIL list by clicking here! 

Even if leagues are leagues are currently in session, you can always put your name on the waitlist/pre-register.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Form a team of 3 people or register as an individual.

2. Think of a nickname and witty/clever team name.

3. Send us your complete team info including your requested location and league night via the form on the right or email to!


Team Name: Slopskee Seconds
Member 1:  Lauren Gillaspey,, 1-900-Skeezalot, Small 
Member  2: Name/Email/Phone/T-Shirt Size
Member  3 : Name/Email/Phone/T-Shirt Size
League Night Preference: ANY OF THEM!!!

Name *

Phone *

Email *

Team Name *


League Night

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