Phew. Day 3 of playoffs. Pretty exhausted, and my pun tank is running low, but I’ll give it my best shot!


(9) Esox Maskeenongy vs. (8) U.S.SKEE.S

U.S.SKEE.S may be anchored by the #1 roller in the league, Mr. Kevin “McSkee” McGhee Jr, but he has all but guaranteed to be late for the 6pm match (necessitating a bar sub?) Hey, the seeds determine the match times, so don’t blame me!

If he’s unable to put up his usual 450-500+ round, Esox Maskeenongy has a decent chance of swimming upstream.

If not, get ready for this Thursday bracket to go postal.






(10) Backskee’s Back vs. (7) Stupid, Sexskee Flanders

We played a lot of Backstreet Boys from my spotify last night and it was a crowd favorite. We’ll probably do it again tonight, so I just wanted to let people know in advance so as not to seem like I’m playing favorites. Perhaps we can find some Simpson re-reruns to put on the big screen to make things even, or would that Flanders-level of sexskeeness be too distracting?









(4) Put It Away Louis SKEE.K. vs. (5) Bad and Boujskee

Hmmmm. I don’t want to even touch this one. It’s probably for the best.

*SIDE NOTE: Who has seen Kevin McGhee’s stir fry dance? It’s hilarious and amazing. I’ll try to get a video tonight but this is basically it…






(3) Thursdays Are For The Boys vs. (6) Home Run Derbskee

99% sure Andy “Big Tuna” Schulze is out for T.A.F.T.B, which is good news for Home Run Derbskees chances. Still, don’t count of Jeremy “The Griz” Sinitean and Kyle “Denalskee” McKinley to go down without a fight. They’ve got a big edge when it comes to playoff experience, so these Home Run Derbskee youngins better say a prayer to the Skee Gods and swing for the fences!









(2) Picture Me Rollin’

Last year’s champs didn’t waste any time recruiting Matt “Skee90x” to replace their fallen 3rd roller Cam “Foo Foo” Bumstead when he moved to Skeetroit, and the move has paid off handsomely. They sit snug in the #2 spot, and it’s not too difficult to picture them rollin’ straight to the finals.

Perhaps you’ll recognize me now? I’m a two time league champion.














(1) Reverse Orskeeo

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, will this be the year the Orskeeo’s reverse their fate and take home the Stanskee cup? If I could have the First Ladskee toss her bouquet directly to Jman, I would… just to be sure. 🙂








Good luck everyone!!!