I started writing this post in the Glascott’s Facebook Member’s group, and quickly realized how annoying it was toggling between tabs in order to view the bracket. Now I can stare directly at it AND add pictures. Websites are cool!

Now I’m just waiting for the the coffee to kick in so I can write some punny remarks. Any time now…
















(9) Skeeangelo Ball’s Sticky Fingers vs. (8) The Dudeskees

The Dudeskees are the ONLY  *All Rookskee* team in this skeeson’s playoffs. The good news is they seem to be “tying things together” at the right time. Steve “Jurk-O” Jurkovic and Nick “Skee-Haw” Haw Hawes both recently crushed the Hundo Shootout Qualifier for Tuesdays while Nate “Superstar” Christensen remains the model of rolling stability, consistently hovering around the 300 mark. I wouldn’t understitmate them, but win or lose, these newbskees have proven they quite the little achievers .

Skeeangelo Ball’s is going to need their skeecret weapon if they want to steal this first round victory. No, I’m not talking about any PWADE and CWADE’s domineering skeeball father, I’m talking about #PARTYLAURIE.

Someone is going to need to buy this young ladskee A LOT of shots because Party Laurie is fueled by Fireball, and with their first match starting at the 6pm, there’s going to be very little time for the “juice” to kick in.






(Actual footage of Laurie from her 12th birthday partskee.)

(10) Mitch Trubiskees vs.(7) Baby Got Bank 

I don’t often show my skeemotions, but I was really disappointed Baby Got Bank didn’t get team Skee-Shirts made.

Allye could have been “Beckskee”,  Ben could have been “Sir Skee A Lot”, Katie “The Anskeeconda…” Maybe purchase some overly padded inserts for their jeans? Wear gold chains? Sunglasses? I dunno, I just feel like there were a lot of missed opportunitskees. But just when I thought their SKEE SPIRIT couldn’t get any louskee-er, they all went on The SKEE League’s first SKEE SKI trip and totally redeemed themselves!

Banking = Money.

Mitch Trubiskees, like their namesake, have promising talent might very well be “the future” of the league. However, with the majority of the squad unable to attend Skeeapalooza, they certainly are not going to be “the now.”






(4) Show SKEE The $$$ vs.(5) SKEE Bumps 

I could be totally wrong, but I can’t recall a time when 2 brothers faced off against two brothers in the playoffs. Get ready for some FAMILSKEE FEUD – The Perna’s vs. Loch’s edition.

Survey says this one is too close to call!








(3) Buffalo Chicken Dip vs. (6) Figuratively Not Literallskee 

Q: What is cooler than a Cucumber in playoffs?

A: Literallskee, nothing.








(2) The Three Friends

I recently caught up with Tim “Ja Rullo” Cerullo,  who shared with me his three proudest moments since joining The SKEE League:

3. Rolling two perfect 900 games.

2. Winning a Team Championship at Black Iron Tavern.

1. Wearing custom grey Fruit-O-The-Loom sweaters each week with his 2 friends at Glascott’s Saloon.








(1) SKEE Billboards Outside Glascott’s Saloon

Like actual Billboards, SBOGS, is soaring high above the competition. They haven’t score less than 1,000 points this skeeson, and I wouldn’t expect them to start now. Especially not since Chris “Button Man” Wade has shifted his obsession from the blue button to winning red “Full 50” bracelets.

Unless they get distracted by the bright lights, it’s a safe bet you’ll see SKEE BILLBOARDS flying high in a finals bracket near you.