(9) Doug and Skeeter vs. (8) Incogskeeto

Doug and Skeeter have quietly become one of the most improved teams in the league. Both Scott “Tofuskee” Loman (Who I’ve never actually asked if he understands his nickname) and Tim “The Governor” McGovern both have identical 321 averages.  They’ve got sort of weird rotational thing going with their 3rd, but for the most part, whoever shows up is decent. What can I tell you? They’re busy millennials, who are only here to win at skeeball and chew bubble gum. And they are all out of bubble gum.

Incogskeeto has also flew under the radar, anchored by Metal Rocker Mark “Morse Code” Morse. Mark is one of only four people to roll a 400+ round on Wednesdays this skeeson. Conversely, his teammate Brad “Rosenbagger” Rosen is one of only two Wednesday rollers to miss 3 weeks this skeeson. Lets hope everyone shows up when it counts OR Incoskeeto may be concealing their identity from the 2nd round.







(10) Flaming Hot Skeetos vs. (7) O.M.SKEE

This is actually a rematch from Week 6, where O.M.SKEE dominated, rolling 1019 to Hot Skeetos 926. O.M.SKEE did, however, have a sub rolling, so there’s no telling how much that might have influenced the results? Whatever the case, Flaming Hot Skeetos have vowed to dig deep into their bag of tricks and are hoping to leave OMSKEE in a trail of Skeeto dust.







(4) Skeenage Mutant Ninja Hundos vs. (5) It’s Hundo Skeeson!

“It’s Hundo Skeeson” is composed of some of the most competitive rollers in the league, but will their skeeball gumption be enough to outlast the final reunion tour of the former league champion Ninja Hundos?  Too early to tell, but forecast calls for Hundos!







(3) We Took A Schmit vs. (5) French Fry Salad

For those of you who don’t know the story, the team name “We Took a Schmit” originated from when Tory “Torskeedo” Vachula and Sara “Kamakazskee” Kakumanu plucked Dan “The Assassin” Smith from his former team Thursday night team, Kick His Ass Skee Bass.

It’s not about poop.

Now you know.

For those of you who don’t know the story, the team name “French Fry Salad” originated from Betsy Mikel’s love for France, Jess “Queen of SKEE” Hanebury’s love of McDonald’s French Fries, and AJ “Liveskee” Livsey’s start-up side business – Pet Salad.

It has nothing to do with the French Fry Salads they order from The Athenian Room Every. Single. Week.

Now you know.









(2) Cuckskees 

Speaking of team names, The Cuckskees could very well be in line to win some trophskees this skeeson, but it won’t be for best original team name – that I can assure you.

Good lord. I’ve made some bad puns in my day, but this one is a stretch. Even “Esox Maskeenongy”, which is by far the most confusing and difficult to pronounce team name in the history of the league, at least managed to fit SKEE in place of the hard E.

Let’s hope the Cuckskees game doesn’t suckskees as much as their name! 🙂






(1) Not My Preskeedent

After 2 Skeesons of not making the playoffs, Not My Preskeedent shocked the world (or at least the limited viewing audience at Glascott’s Saloon) by winning the Skeeson XIV Championship as a (#3) seed. Today, they are perennial contenders, and top seed in their division. This is a real rags to riches storskee, that should give #HOPE to any of you whose team fell short this skeeson.


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